Session 3 Recordings

Galactic and extragalactic structure, kinematics and dynamics

Invited Talks

Dynamics of extragalactic galaxies, an observational perspective

Michele Cappellari
University of Oxford

The Milky Way’s Stellar Chemistry-Dynamics Connection

Gail Zasowski
University of Utah

Comparing simulations and observations of Milky Way-like galaxies

Andrew Wetzel
wUniversity of California, Davis


Session 3

Discussion Leaders:
Joss Bland-Hawthorn &
Marie Martig

Contributed Talks

24) Stellar kinematics of Milky Way-type galaxies in the MUSE TIMER survey

Dimitri Gadotti
European Southern Observatory

25) Vertical velocity flows in nearby spiral galaxies

Catalina Mora Urrejola
Universidad de La Serena

26) The assembly history of local disk galaxies

Adriano Poci
Macquarie University

27) On the very faint edge of Milky Way-like galaxies

Cristina Martínez-Lombilla
University of New South Wales

28) Exploring the low-mass end of the assembly history of Milky Way-mass galaxies

Kaley Brauer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

29) Assembling the Milky Way disk

Harshil Kamdar
Harvard University

31) The disc of the Milky Way: Clues to its origin and evolution from large spectro-scopic surveys

Sanjib Sharma
University of Sydney

32) Highlights from a comprehensive survey of stellar streams in the Milky Way's halo

Daniel Zucker
Macquarie University

33) The Orbital Histories of Andromeda’s Satellite Galaxies

Ekta Patel
University of California, Berkeley