Session 1 Recordings

Galactic and extragalactic stellar populations

Invited Talks

Comparing stellar populations theory and observations

Charlie Conroy
Harvard University

Stellar Populations in the Milky Way, a theoretical perspective

Chiaki Kobayashi
University of Hertfordshire

Live Session 1

Welcome & Meeting Introduction

Nic Scott & Jesse van de Sande

Discussion Session 1

Discussion Leaders:
Ken Freeman & Ricardo Schiavon

Contributed Talks

2) Chemical Abundances in the Stellar Disk and Inner Halo of Andromeda and the Milky Way

Ivanna Escala
Carnegie Observatories

3) A UV-IR portrait of the Milky Way

Catherine Fielder
University of Pittsburgh

4) Debris at the low-mass end: predictions of stellar streams around the LMC and its siblings

Tjitske Starkenburg
CIERA, Northwestern University

5) Milky Way Analogs in the Local Universe

Nicholas Boardman
University of Utah

6) On the flaring of galactic thick discs

Joaquín García de la Cruz
Liverpool John Moores University

7) Star formation history across the Milky Way fro age-chemical abundance structure

Jianhui Lian
University of Utah

9) Is [α/Fe] bi-modality a 'genetic' trait of Milky Way-like galaxies?

Ted Mackereth
CITA, University of Toronto

10) The Relation of Age, Metallicity, and Chemical Abundance in a Simulated Milky Way Galaxy

Andreia Carrillo
University of Texas at Austin

11) Studying the early chemical evolution of dwarf galaxies in different environments with RR Lyrae stars

Clara Martínez-Vázquez