Online Meeting

Given the continuing uncertainty surrounding international travel, this meeting will now consist of an online-only meeting in December 2020 and an in-person meeting in Nov-Dec 2021. Australia is not letting non-residents into the country at the moment and it is not clear when this situation will change (particularly for countries with ongoing Covid-19 outbreaks), so holding an in-person meeting in November this year seems impossible. We considered alternative options including a short delay, a move to a fully online meeting or a cancellation, but we believe the extra interactivity of an in-person meeting is critical to accomplish the goals we set for the conference – that is to foster new collaborations between Galactic and extragalactic astronomers.

The online meeting will consist of a format with:

  • Pre-recorded contribed talks, made available a week before online meeting. Contributed speakers will also be invited to join the online discussions.
  • An online forum to ask question about pre-recorded talks and discus different topics.
  • 2 days with live invited talks and 4 discussion sessions led by the SOC via Zoom. This will consist of two sessions a day: one at 8-10am and one at 8-10pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time, accommodating various international timezones.